Aug. 8th, 2009 07:46 am
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OK, lj have been claiming since yesterday that the site is up but I can't connect to it.
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Reading some stuff this morning made me realise that I have pretty much given up expecting to convince anyone of anything on the internet. I will if in a good mood try to make a simple statement of my alternative point of view and not engage further or if in a cranky mood I'll make sarky comments but again won't really engage.

And yet I learn from other people arguing on the internet all the time.

ngpd 2

Jul. 11th, 2007 06:36 pm
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Not going well at all. Planned and rehearsed conversations seem all right, but chatting just kills me. Lovely afternoon tea at the museum with [ profile] cangetmad and [ profile] majea, though.
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The main event I've been worried about - Aisling's immunisation - has been canceled. Phew. I have a hard enough time dealing with medical professionals without adding in weirdly stilted language.

I've been thinking the last few days about how this will work. And I've realised while I'm all about singular they when it's a non-specified person, it feels somehow rude to me to use they to refer to someone whose gender is known.
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a couple of ginger crunches
cup of coffee
handfull of sunflower seeds

garlic mushrooms on toast

more ginger biccies
another cup of coffee

roast beef, potatoes, garlic, parsnip and boiled carrots
more beef and potatoes

2 crackers with pate

an apricot

2 apricots
several ginger biscuits

2 crackers and pate
2 crackers and bonnet (goats cheese)

food day 6

Nov. 18th, 2006 10:20 am
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A blt with white bread

a hobnob

a chicken blt panini at cafe nero (I'm trying not to comment but can I just mention how frustrating it is how often I end up eating tasteless battery chicken because those are the choices without butter - also, alex's blt was much better.)
a black coffee

a can of pret a manger yoga bunny detox

a steak ciabatta with fries and mayo and salad
2 'small' glasses of white wine.

2 lamb chops grilled with garlic and rosemary, potatoes and salad

an apricot
a couple of hob nobs

food day 5

Nov. 17th, 2006 08:57 am
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porridge and oat milk

camomille tea

2 oat flips

2 crackers with cashew nut butter

crayfish and rocket sandwich
half a bar of green & black's dark chocolate
black coffee

2 cups of peppermint tea

2 pieces of candied ginger covered in dark chocolate (food of the gods)
a fry's peppermint cream

2 crackers with cashew nut butter

the rest of the ginger (except for a piece alex snaffled)
an oat flip

tuna crostini
chicken and goats cheese salad
black coffee

food day 4

Nov. 16th, 2006 10:46 am
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The baby is playing with her feet and waving her bum at the world from the vantage point of her changing mat. So I have time to start this.

2 crackers
1 kimberly biscuit

2 crackers with cashew butter

3 more kimberlys

a large plate of rogan josh, rice and salad from two thin laddies
a glass of coke

a slice of vegan choccy cake
a coffee

a cracker
2 non-choc oat flips

lentil and spinach curry, rice, grated carrot and spicey potatoes. Mango chutney.
2nd helping of rice and lentils.
glass of red wine

2 oat flips

food day3

Nov. 15th, 2006 01:07 pm
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a cracker
plain omlette
camomille tea

an oat biscuit of some sort at yoga with camomille and spearmint tea

2 crackers with goats cheese
some peanuts - the rest of the bag
2 chocolate coated oat flips

2 more crackers
2 more oat flips.

a mug of tuscan sausage and lentil soup
a cn of columbian death juice

another oat flip

a piece of salmon, some tomatoes, salad and grated carrot. Boiled potatoes.

a glass of coke after the bi-group meeting

the last oat flip
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I'm amazed at how hard it is not to comment/explain/justify this. I'l be editing through the day again.

Oh and liquid wise, I drink vast amounts of water every day but haven't bothered including it.


plain omlette
apple cut into pieces
2 hobnobs

another hobnob

plate of chilli from two thin laddies
glass of coke
black coffee

sesame bagel
soya latte

another hobnob
a couple of handfulls of sunflower seeds

more sunflower seeds
handful peanuts

2 crackers with hard goats cheese

2 bowls of pasta with a tomato, bacon and mushroom sauce

2 more crackers and cheese
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A few people on my friends list are doing this and I thought I'd join in.

The basic idea is I post in a public post every day for a week every single thing I eat. I don't censor it and I don't change my eating behaviour because I'm doing it, I just be honest about what I eat. I'll be updating this over the course of the day.


am - half an omlette made by Alex. No filling, just plain egg omlette.
3 jacob's cream crackers.

another cracker and 2 kimberly biscuits.

a cracker, a couple of cherry tomatoes (cold, from the fridge)
a handfull of sunflower seeds
a bowl of lentil soup

dark chocolate bounty
mug of same soup
fry's peppermint cream
can of coke

fruit pastilles
a bagel with hummus
2 kimberly biscuits
veggie pilaf

1/4 of a pork pie

[It's interesting how hard I found not tagging this with my tag for posts about being fat. It's about food, not fat, but they are so tied together.]
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When I was 10 to 15 years old I devoured everything by Andre Norton I could find. The first one of her books was bought for me from one of the english bookshops in Brussels - it was Tales of the Witch World and was a Daw paperback with a good and pulpy cover. I still have it, though it may be in storage. I've got rid of many bad teenage books[1] over the years and moves but I've never parted with my Andre Nortons - it had taken me years to track them down as Catseye seemed to be the only one of her books in print in the UK.

Tales had a few stories in it but the two long ones stick with me - one was about a woman who was pregnant after a rape and was determined to have her revenge on the man who was responsible. Things don't go quite to plan. The other was about a woman in a group marriage type society who never felt comfortable there and escapes with an outsider man who gets captured by her tribe. There's a description of a pool with sand next to it and a sort of elemental woman made from the sand, that I've always loved.

Catseye is like a distilling of her skiffy - dystopian galaxy with space travel, people in a 'Dipple' after a civil war and ancient alien artifacts. The hero ends up working for an alien pet shop and bad things happen. In fact, while trying to remember details of the plot rather than impressions, I've realised I really want to re-read it.

Anyway, all this was by way of background to asking if anyone else wants to talk about their teenage guilty reading pleasures.

[1] Anne McCaffery and Katherine Kerr. I was young, they had women characters. I am wiser now.
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I'm making hats for a charity thing next week (cause no one in Edinburgh can have too many wooly hats. And they are super quick to make so if no one wants them it's not like I've wasted loads of time.)

So I thought I'd put the pattern up.
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This journal is now friends only cause I'm slightly uncomfortable with totally public exhibitionism nowadays. I'll stick with the pseudo-controlled kind. However, I'm reasonably happy to add people provided they post more than quiz results. Comment here or I might not notice. Oh and I talk about knitting loads - consider this fair warning.


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