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I'm making hats for a charity thing next week (cause no one in Edinburgh can have too many wooly hats. And they are super quick to make so if no one wants them it's not like I've wasted loads of time.)

So I thought I'd put the pattern up.

I've been using Colinette Point 5 cause of the beautiful colours but any yarn that knits up 12 stitches to 4 inches would do. A skein of this is 55 yards.

I used size 8mm circs cause they're the biggest I have. Use whatever works for you.

Cast on a multiple of 7 stitches - 42 for my head, 49 for a larger. You want a loose cast on - I use the knit one cause that's loose for me, but experiment (though ideally don't experiment too much with point 5 - it's so loosely spun that too many rippings make it fuzzy.) Join. Knit for 8-9 inches or until you've used most of the wool, then you're ready to decrease.

If you're comfortable keeping track you can just k5, k2tog 6 times, then k4, k2tog (x6), k3, k2tog(x6) and so on until you've got 6 stitches left. Otherwise on your last plain row place a marker every 7 sititches and then always 2ktog just before each marker until there are 6 stitches left.

Run the end through those 6 sitiches and pull closed. Weave in the 2 ends. Ta da! A pretty hat.
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